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Automated stainer for microscope slides
Microscope slides stainer — V-Chromer

Automation of slides staining

The use of automatic analyzers in laboratories hasn’t relieved personnel from the necessity of performing manual microscopic examinations of body fluids.

Correct staining is of vital importance for preparation of slides for microscopic examination. Manual staining process often does not carefully follow the staining protocol. As a result doctors obtain faulty slides with elements that are hard to discern even after the readjustment of the microscope.

V-Chromer automates slide staining procedure. One touch of a button provides evenly stained high quality slides suitable for manual examination or analysis using automatic analyzer.

Throughput of up to 100 slides per hour with minimal consumption of reagents

Stained slides
  •  Staining process automation and standardization
  •  Loading of up to 25 slides simultaneously
  •  Throughput of up to 100 slides per hour
  •  Minimal consumption of reagents
  •  Strict adherence to the staining protocol
  •  Easy to use and maintenance-friendly

V-Chromer significantly facilitates and enhances slide staining process

Put unstained slides into the holder and place it into the unit

Put unstained slides into the holder and place it into the unit
Obtain stained dry slides ready for examinations

Obtain stained dry slides ready for examinations

Personnel protection when working with stains

Personnel protection when working with stains

Stainer lid is tightly closed (1), charcoal filter (2) neutralizes evaporations and odor from stains (does not require an exhaust hood) and vessels with reagents (3) are only open when used. Laboratory personnel have minimal contact with stains and vapor discharges.

Autonomous system that does not require connection to water supply or drainage

V-Chromer does not require connection to water supply or drainage

There is no need to connect V-Chromer to water supply or drainage. Water is taken from a special tank and staining waste is gathered in a separate container. One pair of containers allows staining of 1000 slides.

Slide identification using barcodes

Поля для маркировки слайдов не окрашиваются

Top of the slides is not immersed into the staining reagent, which leaves the barcodes intact for identification.

V-Chromer operation principle

V-Chromer automated stainer
Slides holder
Vessels with stains

The rack with loaded unstained slides is successively immersed into the vessels with staining reagents according to the set protocol. The last vessel contains water where the slides are rinsed after staining. Once the staining process is finished, the rack moves to the first vessel for drying. All actions are performed at intervals according to the built-in timer. Once V-Chromer work is done you will obtain stained dry slides ready for examination.

Use of automated stainers

Hematology and cytology

Hematology and cytology

  •  May-Grunwald-Giemsa staining
  •  Analysis: complete blood count; cytological examinations, including smears of urogenital tract; screening of uterine cervix oncology diseases
  •  Scope of use: clinical diagnostic laboratories; laboratories of cancer detection centers; outpatient clinic and outpatient clinic laboratories



  •  Gram staining
  •  Analysis: staining of microorganisms pure cultures; differentiation of microorganisms in biological materials; staining of slides for diagnostics of gonorrhea and meningococcosis
  •  Scope of use: microbiological laboratory; dermatovenerologic dispensary laboratories; infectious diseases hospital laboratories; Federal state-funded healthcare institutions laboratories (sanitary & epidemiological stations)



  •  Express-staining according to Panoptics method
  •  Analysis: complete blood count (express analysis); exudates; smears of urogenital tract; sperm analysis; begma analysis; rhinocytogram
  •  Scope of use: admissions office laboratories; express-laboratories; resuscitation department laboratories; multi-field MPI laboratories; prenatal clinic laboratories; pre-conception clinic laboratories

Tuberculosis diagnostics

Tuberculosis diagnostics

  •  Ziehl–Neelsen staining
  •  Analysis: pulmonary tuberculosis diagnostics (begma examination); extrapulmonary tuberculosis diagnostics (urine and spine fluid)
  •  Scope of use: microbiological laboratory; tuberculosis dispensary laboratories; laboratories of MPI with pulmonary departments; MPI of the Federal service for execution of punishment; Federal state-funded healthcare institutions laboratories (sanitary & epidemiological stations)

Set your own staining protocols or use the pre-set ones with V-Stain reagent kits

V-Chromer I - Automated slide stainer

V-Chromer I

  •  Open system to use reagents of various manufacturers
  •  Customizable staining protocols with the use of smart-cards
V-Chromer II - Automated slide stainer

V-Chromer II

  •  Ready-to-use V-Stain reagent kits
  •  Pre-set standardized staining protocols


Use reagents of various manufacturers V-Chromer I — open system to use reagents of various manufacturers

V-Chromer II — closed system to work with ready-to-use V-Stain reagent kits
Software staining protocol is transferred to the instrument via a memory card
User interface user panel: 4 keys (Esc, ↑, ↓, OK)
Display LCD alphanumeric display, 4 lines
Productivity up to 100 slides in hour
Reagent vessels V-Chromer I — 5 pcs.
V-Chromer II — 4 pcs.
plastic solvent-resistant vessels with lid, volume 200 ml
Washing station vessel with automatic filling/draining system
Drying station vessel with hot air ventilation
Drop protection built-in drip system with drying plates for drop collection, reducing contamination of reagents
Drainage of reagents automatic draining of reagents used
Water supply not required, loading and draining of the washing fluid via external containers
Reagent protection from evaporation reagent vessels are closed, open only when in use
Absorption of evaporation/filtration built-in absorbance system of evaporation/odour using a charcoal filter
Power 220 ± 10 % V, 50 Hz, 120 W
Size, weight 500×450×450 mm, 12 kg

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